Visitors wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Expert View: Will SA see a second wave like Europe?

CAPE TOWN –While most of Europe, Asia and the United States have experienced a second wave, experts are looking at whether South Africa would also see a resurgence.

Johannesburg General Practitioner, Dr Mark Holliday, says that depending on the South African citizens, the country could face a major wave or just a ripple.


“The World Health Organisation estimates that 10% of the world has been exposed to the coronavirus, which means that 90% have not yet been exposed,” said Holliday.

“Another reason is that after any lockdown, there is an increased socialising between people, and when they start socialising, we do expect an increase in the number of cases,” he said.

South Africa’s first case was only reported in March and was one of the quickest countries to implement a national lockdown, and with the current easing of restrictions, there have been flare ups in various parts of the country.



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