Share your Covid-19 story with us

We are currently experiencing things we have never experienced before. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval to everything we considered normal. We would like to hear your story ;


  • How has the pandemic affected you ?


  • Are you an essential service worker ? What has your experience been ? Send us your videos, stories and pictures


  • Are you a business owner ? How is the pandemic affecting your business, your staff and you personally?


  • Have you lost your job or income due to the pandemic ? Tell us your story


  • Are you a health professional ? What advice to you have for dealing with mental and physical wellbeing during this period ?


  • Are you a finance professional ? How will we survive this economically? what can we do to prepare? Share your advise


  • Are you helping those less fortunate ? Tell us how


  • Are you providing positivity to your community ? Show and tell us how


Share your stories, pictures and videos with us by contacting any of the following journalists ;


Shifaan Ryklief – [email protected]

Jehran Naidoo – [email protected]

Rudolph Nkgadima – [email protected]

Kritina Maharaj – [email protected]

Keagan Legrange – [email protected]

Kelly Turner – [email protected]

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