DIY Crafts for Kids: Tie Dye Towels

Tie Dye Towels

It is a fun way to colour code and decorate your child’s towels. It may also help them identify their towels if they ever take it on an outing or on a sleepover.


• Tie Dye Kit
• White Towels
• Bucket
• Water
• Rubber Bands
• Gloves

Tie each towel with rubber bands which will create a pattern when the tie dye is added. Add water to the tie dye kit bottles. Place a towel at a time in the bucket and squirt a dye colour into the towel. Turn the towel around to get every angle. Repeat if adding more colours. Leave the towel overnight on a covered surface or outside to dry. The next day rise the towel and wash it, without other clothes, so that the excess dye is removed.


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