Video: DIY Health Tonic: Vitamin D booster Smoothie

Vitamin D booster Smoothie

Vitamin D is an overlooked vitamin as it is taken for granted due to the body’s ability to produce it using sunlight.

However, vitamin D deficiency is common due to various factors ranging from not being exposed to the sun to having high amounts of melanin your body. Vitamin D affects every cell in your body and helps build your immunity.

A person who is vitamin D deficient is more vulnerable to contracting viruses and infections.


• 1 Orange (high in Vitamin D and C)
• 1 piece of grated Ginger
• 1 Cup fortified Milk (high in Vitamin D)
• 2 tsp Honey

Peel and cut the orange into cubes. Add the orange, ginger and fortified milk into a blender and blend together. Add honey for taste.