Only grades R, 6 AND 11's will be going back to school on Monday, July 6, this is according to an announcement by the Department of Basic Education.

Only grades R, 6 and 11 to return to school on July 6

CAPE TOWN – Only grades R, 6 AND 11’s will be going back to school on Monday, July 6, this is according to an announcement by the Department of Basic Education following a Council of Education Ministers (CEM) which took place on Thursday.

The department announced the amendments which were gazetted on Monday, June 29. The amendments followed the department’s consideration five reports focusing on key areas in the basic education sector in Covid-19 environment.

“After careful consideration of all the reports CEM took a decision that only Grade 6, Grade 11 and Grade R will return to school on Monday, July 6. The decision affects all provinces. The other grades will be phased during the month of July in a differentiated approach within the stipulated time frames as per the gazette of June 29, 2020, as published by the Minister,” the statement from the education department read.

The reports presented included one which looked at the proposed timetabling models and curriculum fundamentals to focus on per grade for the available time in the academic year, another one that looked at supporting those who have elected to do homeschooling during the pandemic, Keep at home and continue with schooling but not registered for Home Education, Registration, examinations and assessment in a Covid-19 environment and a report that looked monitoring and evaluation reports.

“We will adjust the reopening phases based on the risk-adjusted strategy which is a considered attempt to balance our approach to School Reopening taking into account all factors that affect the work we do. We are guided in this by an observation of the rising numbers of community transmissions throughout the country. We recognize that schools are based in communities and learners live in the same affected communities and therefore a careful balancing act must be maintained,” Motshekga was quoted as saying.

Motshekga is expected to elaborate on the revised plans for the remaining grades this weekend.


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