Ramaphosa put his mask on RIGHT

CAPE TOWN – President Cyril Ramaphosa stole the show in his address on Thursday, not necessarily for the measures he outlined, but rather for the way he put on his mask. South Africans erupted minutes after with a host of memes and a new #maskchallenge. However, President Ramaphosa actually put on his mask the right way.


It needs no explanation with the number of memes flooding social media regarding the blunder. President Ramaphosa hilariously struggled to place the second strap around his ear. And ended up with the mask being placed over his eyes for just enough time for citizens to reference a 2018 post-apocalyptic movie, Bird Box. As he pulled the mask down to his mouth, the first ear strap fell off creating a very awkward moment. 


Social media users were divided, some found the moment hilarious. And others went on defending the President, finding it disrespectful in light of the mammoth task he’s had leading the country through the pandemic.


However, Professor Marc Mendelson, Head of Infectious Diseases Division at Groote Schuur Hospital and Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT) put his mask on in a similar way.


In a tutorial video on how to put on and remove a mask, the professor does the same thing. 



He explains; “When you put it(mask) on, you place it over your nose and around your ears”.

At this point, the mask should be situated over your eyes, exactly how the President had it. 



Professor Mendelson goes on to say; “And then you bring the bottom part under your chin. And make sure that it sits well on your face. Holding it to your face. And that’s how it should sit”. 


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