30 things to do during lockdown

CAPE TOWN – We have been in lockdown for almost 50 days with no sight of an end to the restrictions on movement and activities. Many of you have probably run out of ideas to keep busy, things to do or people to video call.

We have put together 50 things to you can do during lockdown. You may have done some of these already but theres probably a few that you have not as well.

Take a try :

  1. Read an entire book
  2. Clean out your cupboards
  3. Valet your car
  4. Bake something you haven’t before
  5. Make your own face mask
  6. Start a veg garden
  7. Write down your daily thoughts
  8. Meditate
  9. Pray
  10. Feed the poor
  11. Take a daily walk
  12. Start an exercise routine
  13. Try painting
  14. Do a virtual yoga class
  15. Try out Tiktok
  16. Do some around the home photography
  17. Tryout some food hacks you’ve seen online
  18. Try a skincare routine
  19. Write a short story
  20. Knit something
  21. Give away old clothes
  22. Take the dog for a walk
  23. Clean your shoes
  24. Watch a classic movie
  25. Connect with old friends
  26. Make your own pasta or pizza
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Take an online course
  29. Delete unwanted or old data from your laptop or drive
  30. Host a virtual quiz