South African consumers have been assured prices will not skyrocket.

5 reasons not to panic buy

CAPE TOWN – There is no need for citizens to stockpile food and other essentials because supermarkets, pharmacies and vets will remain open despite the National lockdown scheduled for Thursday midnight.

This appeal was made by government’s inter-ministerial committee responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus after supermarkets and shops were overwhelmed by ‘panic buyers’ on Tuesday.

Government announced that all essential services including supermarkets, healthcare and security services  will continue unaffected. According to the inter-ministerial committee, this is why there is absolutely no need to stockpile goods ;

  1.  Banks and essential financial and payment services, including the JSE will remain
  2.  Supermarkets will remain open so that citizens can continue to care for themselves
    and their families.
  3.  Petrol stations will remain open.
  4. Companies that are essential to the production and transportation of food, basic goods
    and medical supplies will remain open.
  5. Government has had discussions with manufacturers and distributors of basic
    necessities, who have indicated that there will be a continuous supply of these goods.



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