Facebook: Joshua's Soup Kitchen

Boy (10) needs your help to keep his soup kitchen open

CAPE TOWN – The Covid-19 pandemic has left many vulnerable to hunger in South Africa with the hard times adding further pressure to the hardships so many faces leading to a surge in initiatives and campaigns looking to aid those in need.

Although the country has seen many initiatives form during the pandemic, Joshua Roos (10), had started his soup kitchen in March 2018 helping multiple individuals and institutions with the goal to raise funds in order to help the less fortunate after witnessing those suffering from hunger leaving Joshua unsettled.

As the pandemic added additional pressure to those vulnerable, there has been a rapid increase in the needs of those less-fortunate with Joshua’s Soup Kitchen taking to the crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, in need of donations to help the organisation continue their much needed support and help meet the rise in needs for those who are left hungry, lost their jobs, support front-line health workers and security forces and to assist those struggling to put food on their table day-to-day.

“Reaching our target means that we will be able to help more people by putting food on their tables and seeing that someone can at least be able to go to bed with a full stomach especially children and the elderly, and that will be an accomplishment,” said Manda Roos, Joshua’s grandmother, who is supporting snd assisting him with his initiative.

Manda continued, “Buying food to create food parcels which consist of various items to make a few meals and also to help with upgrades where needed at various institutions and to have a back up fund to be able to help in an emergency situation. When the lockdown comes to an end one day I would like to be able to have an event where I will be able to treat the kids in my community which I have done in the past.”

For more information or ff you would like to support Joshua’s Soup Kitchen, please visit their BackaBuddy page or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/666059557085675

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