#CommitToFinish campaign launched to support Grade 12s

CAPE TOWN –The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) launched the #CommitToFinish campaign to encourage Grade 12s to complete their matric year.

It has been a rough year for the matric class of 2020 who have shown grit and resilience during a disruptive school year. 

The Covid-19 global pandemic forced school closures, cancelled matric dances and farewells, however, learners committed to self-learning at home and used alternative resources to stay up to date with the school year.

“Our Class of 2020 is determined and we are here to support them all the way. That is why we have launched the #CommitToFinish campaign which seeks to encourage, motivate and support our Grade 12 learners right up until their NSC examinations,” read the statement by the WCED.

“While matric attendance at schools is at 90 percent, we do not want to see learners dropping out or self-doubt creeping in. These learners have worked so hard for the past 12 years to reach this point and we want to support them in finishing their matric year.”

Grade 12 learners can log onto www.CommitToFinish.co.za where they can pledge their commitment and gain access to various resources through the portal.

The WCED filmed three Grade 12 learners using an AE Face Tool which transformed their faces into an older-looking version of themselves can be viewed below:


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