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Community shows appreciation for frontline medical workers

CAPE TOWN – Doctors from Mental Wellness Centre at Netcare Mulbarton Hospital, south of Johannesburg, planned on surprising frontline healthcare workers to food platters as a treat, but during the course of raising funds, the two doctors could not have expected the positive response from the community and businesses.

Clinical psychologist, Talita da Costa and psychiatrist, Dr Manesh Mohanlal of the Mental Wellness Centre aimed to set up a small initiative to raise funds in order to surprise frontline workers at Netcare Mulbarton Hospital, including the security, cleaning, technical, administrative, catering and nursing staff to share the appreciation for tirelessly and bravely working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The duo aimed to raise enough funds to treat the staff to a surprise of food platters but had not expected various communities and businesses to rally up and support the initiative with such enthusiasm.

Dr Talita da Costa and Dr Manesh Mohanlal who led the fundraising initiative, says, “Frontline healthcare workers, such as our colleagues at Netcare Mulbarton Hospital, have not shied away from the challenges COVID-19 presents and have given their all during this difficult time.

“When Dr Mohanlal and I decided to embark on this special community project to give back to the healthcare workers who have been fighting a daily battle to keep our communities safe, we had no idea just how much support from the public we would receive,” says Talita Da Costa.

The initiative had planned to provide enough food platters for 140 staff members, but thanks to the immense support from all those that had come forward, the entire Netcare Mulbarton Hospital staff were treated to tasty treats and snack.

Credit: Netcare

“Residents within various communities, some of whom have had loved ones with COVID-19 admitted to hospital, as well as persons who had lost family members to the disease, came out in full force to support the project. We are also grateful for the support of businesses, including Roman’s Pizza, Osteria Rossa, Owl Day Care, Tiddly Winks Play School, Cremalat Cheese and Bem Bom,” adds Da Costa.

Nellie Koen, general manager for Netcare Mulbarton Hospital, says, “To see the effort that the community put into thanking the hospital staff served as a reminder to them that their hard work, dedication and commitment do not go unnoticed. We would like to thank all of the individuals and companies who so willingly contributed, the gesture was most appreciated and boosted the morale of the staff at the hospital.”

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