Credit: Mustadafin Foundation

Foundation works to feed 15 000 people daily

CAPE TOWN – The Mustadafin Foundation has been tirelessly working through the Covid-19 pandemic provide 15 000 nutritional meals across South Africa each day.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added immense pressure to those who had already been suffering from hardships before the outbreak with many still left hungry and in need of nutritional meals.

Mustadafin Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works across the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

The foundation working in many ways to empower and assist those left impoverished with not just feeding schemes but also provides educational, healthcare, youth intervention and skills development programmes.

They feed around 15 000 people daily, providing them with a much-needed nutritional meal but the organisation has found the need for food and starvation had been growing with a new campaign launched called ‘#FeedABelly’.

Credit: Mustadafin Foundation

“We have seen an increase to the feeding lines as many people are trying to make ends meet; the consequences of lockdown have been devastating on household and food security,” said Ghairunisa Johnstone, director of Mustadafin Foundation, “At Mustadafin Foundation we are appealing to the public to support our ‘#FeedABelly’ campaign. It only costs R12 to provide a nutritious, healthy meal per day to someone.”

‘We may not be able to feed the whole nation but with a R12 contribution, we can ease the food pressure put on poor households. Together we can add value and make a difference by providing someone with a meal day,’ said Johnstone.

With the campaign, the organisation aims to raise funds and feed a million people who are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and left unable to provide themselves and their families with the basic needs such as a plate of food. If you would like to support the cause or even volunteer, please visit: 

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