Workers collect and stack the coffins of people that have been recently cremated amid the new coronavirus pandemic, at the La Recoleta cemetery in Santiago, Chile. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

Global Covid-19 deaths pass half a million

CAPE TOWN- In just over six months the novel coronavirus death toll has passed the half a million mark, while the United States has recorded the most deaths of any country, with more than 128 000.

According to real-time statistics data company, Worldometer, global Covid-19 deaths are at 508,422, while cases now stand at 10 421 869.

The first known Covid-19 case was first reported in Wuhan China on 31 December 2019. The World Health Organization declared the spread of coronavirus as a pandemic on March 11. 

The countries with the most reported deaths are the US, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy and France.


  • Cases- 2,681,811
  • Deaths- 128,783
  • Recoveries- 1,117,177 


  • Cases- 1,370,488
  • Deaths- 58,385
  • Recoveries- 757,462


  • Cases- 311,965
  • Deaths- 43,575
  • Recoveries- N/A


  • Cases- 240,436
  • Deaths- 34,744
  • Recoveries- 189,196


  • Cases- 164,260
  • Deaths- 29,813
  • Recoveries- 75,649

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