Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

How Covid-19 pandemic changed the restaurant industry

CAPE TOWN –The restaurant industry has forever changed due to the coronavirus pandemic with customers looking for an alternative, safer eating experience.

McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, said they expect the pandemic to create permanent changes like customers craving control, familiarity, and contactless options.

“The needs of our customers coming through this pandemic are going to be different than they were going in,” Kempczinski said in an event with investors.




Here are four ways the industry has changed:

Customer contact

With physical distancing being a crucial factor to help prevent the spread of the virus, customers don’t want contact. McDonald’s are looking at a contactless future with new restaurant designs which will focus on digital, delivery and drive-thru.


People crave what they know

While there has been a surge in retail food delivery and people having to make food at home due to the closure of restaurants, many continue to crave what they trust and know.

Big brands seized the opportunity as customers looked for familiarity.


Customers want control

With the variety of options available online, people are not easily going to give up on food channels such as drive-thru’s, delivery and mobile ordering.


New options

With the view of people craving what they trust and know, Mc Donald’s has done less experimenting on new items and instead are looking to improve the quality of existing menu items.




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