Impact of Covid-19 on tech sector

CAPE TOWN – While the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt economies around the world, it has also been a catalyst for digital transformation in most sectors.

Media outlets who were slow to adopt a digital-first approach, companies not exploring the opportunity to work remotely, retail outlets with poor or no efficient delivery service all needed to accelerate their digital approach.

According to a statement released by Deloitte – a multinational professional services network – these are some areas that will potentially be impacted in the long-term.


Hardware & software

  • The launch of new smartphones may be deferred due to supply chain constraints
  • While factories in Asia are re-opening, companies are experiencing challenges in getting production fully running
  • Companies with remote-working technologies are seeing increased demand¬†
  • Security software benefits from a growing remote workforce
  • IT spending on security software to secure cloud-based tools, log management and VPNs


IT Services

  • Forecasts anticipate increased demand for communications equipment and telecom services as employees work from home and schools move to online courses
  • IT departments will play a larger role in future business-continuity plans
  • The need for ever-faster access to data and automation will enhance focus on network equipment and speeding up of 5G network deployments




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