Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)  

LIST : Free online courses to take during #SALockdown

DURBAN – With the Nationwide lockdown about to commence the country is gearing themselves for the 21 days ahead. With most recreational facilities suspended, the thought of keeping yourself entertained is quite the task. We compiled a list of websites that you can find free online courses ; 



  1. www.coursera.org 

Founded in 2012 by a pair of Stanford University professors, Coursera offers a wide array of online courses ranging from free to paid. Their system which teams up with universities and companies all over the world, offers online courses, specializations and degrees in a variety of subjects. 


2. www.alison.com 

Alison is a free online platform which mainly focuses on workplace-based skills.  As of December 2017, they have 1000 courses that are available for free. With the current pandemic going on, they also have a course based on the coronavirus available for free. (https://alison.com/coronavirus) .


3. www.udacity.com 

Focused mainly on computer sciences and artificial intelligence. They also team up with major universities around the United States of America and have been around since 2012. 


4. www.edx.org 

Hosting online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. Edx has a number of free courses that are available to student bodies worldwide. The website was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 2012. 


5. www.udemy.com 

With no monthly subscription fees, Udemy is an easy and highly affordable place to widen your skillset. With courses ranging from photography to A.I, Udemy offers online courses in a video format as well as written material. 


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