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Local entrepreneur aims to put surfing back in the spotlight

CAPE TOWN –Former professional surfer and founder of Pollywog online surf and lifestyle store, Richard Edy, launched the #Surfluencer with the hope of putting surfers back into the spotlight.

The global pandemic and national lockdown had an impact in all industries, and on the surfing front, all events locally and professionally were cancelled or suspended which meant no prize money and cut in sponsorship deals for the athletes.

The Durban-based entrepreneur said the campaign serves as a way to not only assist athletes, but also the surfing community during this time.


“For us, surfing is everything and #Surfluencer is an opportunity to put surfers in the spotlight for the time when brands are open for business again to invest in the sport and the unique individuals who comprise our industry,” said Edy.

“Pollywog is South Africa’s core online surf store and travel experts.

“Born out of a passion for surfing and the ocean, our goal is to recreate the stoke that every surfer, beginner or pro, feels when in the water.

“We are looking for someone that can impress the judges by creating an epic MatchKit profile, as well as showing they are a great fit to represent us by showcasing their surf life and the Pollywog brand online,” he said.

By entering the #Surfluencer competition, athletes have the opportunity to win cash prizes totalling R140 000. Those interested can sign up at and entries will be judged on both contents on the surfers’ profile which showcases surf lifestyle.


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