Lockdown rules for sit-down restaurants

CAPE TOWN – The long wait is over for restaurants to open after the Department of Tourism published a new directive outlining the rules that need to be met for sit-down orders.

The rules will apply for restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops:

  • Provide employees with masks to wear and hand sanitiser;
  • Ensure that an area is demarcated for the collection of orders for delivery that is separate from the place where food is prepared;
  • Ensure that a contactless pickup zone for customers whose orders are ready to be collected is designated;
  • Sit-down restaurants must conduct a screening questionnaire and take precautionary measures to protect the person and other persons on the premises. Such measures may include denying such a person access to the premises;
  • Ensure that customers or guests wear masks at all times while they are on their premises except when eating or drinking;
  • Ensure that customers or guests queue at least one and a half meters apart behind each other or sideways;
  • Consider a reservation system to manage demand, and help ensure that capacity limits are adhered to;
  • No buffets may be offered to guests for self -service;
  • Guests may pickup pre-portioned items and any other buffet service should be handled by food service employees only from behind Perspex or similar protective shields;
  • Menus must be replaced with non -touch options or sanitised after each guest use;
  • Where possible and for instance while taking orders, waiting staff must stand at least a meter from tables;
  • Where possible, tablecloths should be removed from tables. Only essential items such as salt and pepper, should remain on tables and be sanitised after each guest;
  • Venues must keep a daily record of the full names, ID number or passport, nationality, employee position of all employees and delivery persons.
  • Ensure that every employee and delivery person is screened on arrival for shifts and on departing after shifts.



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