World leaders are urging countries to prioritise the safety of frontline workers. FILE PHOTO Picture Leon Lestrade/African News Agency(ANA)

Mental Health: Supporting healthcare workers during Covid-19

CAPE TOWN –While South Africans were dealing with the stress and social isolation due to lockdown, healthcare workers were facing an internal battle of their own in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Occupational therapist at Groote Schuur Hospital, Misha Naik, and her team recognised the importance of an emotional and psychological support structure within the hospital and started a project to serve the frontline workers.


“What we did was we partnered with our current health and wellness provider to provide onsite counseling for healthcare workers at the hospital,” said Naik.

“It is ok to not be ok and supporting colleagues at this time is really important.

“There is no shame in reaching out for help and the pandemic hasn’t ended,” she said.

Naik added that since they launched the project in May, they were able to support over 850 employees out of the 3 500 healthcare workers.



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