Since the Covid-19 pandemic started more and more people are searching for jobs that will put food on the table but working in the comfort of their homes. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Most popular job searches in SA post Covid-19

CAPE TOWN – The Coronavirus has not only come as a health scare but the pandemic has left thousands of people unemployed and in financial ruins.

According to a report published by Jobs website, Adzuna people are being specific in the types of jobs they are applying for. The stats are based on an analysis of search trends from local job seekers over the six-month period between March to September 2020.

Online business news website, Business Tech said the pandemic left more than 30.1 percent of South Africans unemployed. This has led jobs such as remote working, apprenticeship, and plumber jobs in the most demanded jobs section.

“Remote’ is one of the most popular search terms with South Africans actively looking for jobs they can do from the comfort and safety of their own homes,” the website quoted Adzuna as saying.
Searches for remote working jobs have increased by 563 percent since March.

Jobs in the IT sector, which is mostly demanded in Gauteng and the Western Cape, are the ones that offer a lot of remote working opportunities.

Adzuna’s data shows an average salary of R365,135 per year for the 1,100 work-from-home positions being advertised online.

Other jobs that are in demand are most searches are:

  • Caregiver – 85 percent increase in searches – R301, 484 salary and only 2990 jobs on offer.
  • Teacher – 77 percent increase in searches – R355, 743 salary and only 1170 jobs on offer.
  • Electrician – 43 percent increase in searches – R546,110 salary and only 3745 jobs on offer.
  • Cleaner – 38 percent increase in searches – R282, 009 salary and only 2627 jobs on offer.
  • Nurse – 28 percent increase in searches – R361,771 salary and only 1870 jobs on offer.
  • Social worker – 22 percent increase in searches – R360, 000 salary and only 202 jobs on offer.
  • Drivers – 21 percent increase in searches – R294,755 salary and only 7 998 jobs on offer.


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