New book released documents Covid-19 experiences

CAPE TOWN- Over five months of lived experiences during the Covid-19 lockdown has been comprehensively documented and compiled by contributors in a newly released ebook called ‘Number 43: Covid-19 journey’.

The book was released over the weekend in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) South Africa to share the simple human stories of people and families in lockdown. It is also dedicated to those who were affected by Covid-19.

Editor and contributor of the book, Zwelibanzi Masilela, said that since 2007, Number 43 Foundation has hosted a globally significant Legacy Event in ESwatini and South Africa. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the foundation decided to document the historical occurrence in the form of a coffee table book. 

“The humble approach behind this initiative is to tell a simple human story of families in lockdown, both in South Africa and across the world,” he said. 

The virtual launch of the book hosted over 140 participants from across the globe including people from countries such as the USA, China, England, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and ESwatini.

Contributors of ‘Number 43: Covid-19 journey’ were the Masilela’s family and friends including the patriarch of the family, 98-year-old grandfather uButhongo Masilela.

“He compared World War II and post struggles with current national lockdowns and total economic shutdown struggles. The youngest contributor, 14-year-old great-granddaughter, Uviwe Masilela discussed the gender-based violence exacerbated under the lockdown,” said Masilela. 

Number 43 Foundation was formally founded in Pretoria in 2008 to manage the process of converting the House into a historical monument for both Swaziland and South Africa.

Hard copies of the book are available for a cover fee of R350 or read the book online for free


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