Non-profit Organisation, Community Chest, feeds over 30 000 people in the Western Cape. Photo: Community Chest

Non-profit Organisation feeds over 30 000 people in the Western Cape

CAPE TOWN – More than 15 000 people from 3 000 households benefitted from the Community Chest National Emergency Covid-19 Health Fund, last week.

The food distribution which is going into the third week is helping people spread in over 100 different communities in Cape Town.

In the first week of the project, 3 000 food boxes filled with food was packed and distributed.

To date to 6 000 food boxes have been distributed, 6 000 families benefitted food security supplemented for a month thus amounting to over 30 000 individuals in 200 communities fed by the project.

Each box contains beans, bread, butternut, jam, macaroni, maize, milk, mushroom soup packet, oil, onions, oranges, peanut butter, pilchards, potatoes, rice, salt, soap, soup mix, spaghetti, split peas, tomato and onion mix plus vegetable soup packet.

The food distributed was valued at R1,8million.

Community Chest spokesperson Desiré Goliath said: “We cannot do this without the generous support of our individual, corporate and trust donor communities and we sincerely thank you for helping us feed the nation. You are our coalition of the committed and we salute you.

“We thank two major donors, the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust and the Solidarity Fund for this week’s support.”

Goliath explained that every Saturday a new phase for the food relief distribution is determined by the organisation in communities and networks they serve. 

She said the main focus has been in the Western Cape, but the programme would be expanding to other provinces. 

“We urge the public, corporates and businesses to keep donating to our fund as the need grows. We welcome financial donations as well as in-kind product donations. Loss of income due to lockdown, as well as delayed May social grant payouts, adds a further burden to already challenged household,” said Goliath.

To donate to the Community Chest National Emergency COVID-19 Health Fund at the details below:

Name of Account: COVID-19 Fund

Account Number: 628 4873 6099

Bank Name: First National Bank

Branch Code: 201-409

Global Number: 250 655

Reference: Name and Surname


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