Restaurants will be open but only for deliveries says Minister Patel

DURBAN – Restaurants and takeaways  will be open, but no sit-in will be allowed. This was announced by Minister of Trade and Industry Ebrahim Patel on Saturday.

“We all want to get South Africa working again but we need to strike a balance between economic activity and saving lives. In agriculture, forestry and fishing will begin to reopen. Transport of livestock, animal auctions. Manufacturing – further partial opening, not fully,” said Patel.

For the industrial classification ,the minister said four factors were taken into account:

1.Risk of the spread posed by sector.

2. Expected impact on sector of lockdown.

3. Contribution of every sector to economy.

4. Livelihoods of society.

“Manufacturing sectors  including children’s clothing, winter clothing, blanket manufacturing, bedding, computers, mobile phones. Hardware, stationery production and home office equipment, IT will reopen. Open cast mining workers can go back in larger numbers,” he said.

Further details of the new regulations are still coming on the reopening of some parts of the economy and industries can make contributions to the regulations. 

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