The death of the fader?

CAPE TOWN –  The fade is one of South Africa’s, most culturally significant hairstyles that symbolises far more than one can imagine. During the lockdown with movements being restricted to essential personnel and for the public to purchase essential goods only. Has the fader faded away?


Ever so often, posts on social media pay tribute to the profound haircut and commemorate its memory. Some reminiscing the dates where they would have had one, while others are resorting to doing it themselves at home with disastrous results. 

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, had to cut his hair due to physical distancing regulations with hilarious results

While a young Chelsea fan asked for a Cristiano Ronaldo haircut from his father while in lockdown. However, he ended up receiving  “the original Ronaldo” haircut instead. A triangle for a fringe rather than a faded comb-over. 

Even eNCA’s Shahan Ramkissoon, known for telling it like it is without holding back, was questioned as to how and why he is still able to receive a fade. The reporter responded on twitter stating; “Lol. I wish people would listen because I’ve said it a hundred times. I do my beard and the office hairstylist does my hair”. 


In Denmark, as the lockdown eases its restrictions and certain businesses are allowed to operate. Hairdressers across the country are reporting a rush of appointments and booking systems crashing as a result. Phil Olander, the owner of Phil’s Barber in Copenhagen says; “We are crazy busy. I mean fully booked for the next two weeks”. 


Denmark announced on Friday, April 17, non-essential businesses are allowed to operate with strict safety regulations needed to be met. These include dentists, opticians, tattoo parlours and driving lessons to resume for the first time in a month.


South Africa currently has nine days left on the second phase of its lockdown with many predicting an extension. Currently, there are over 3000 confirmed cases and over 50 deaths due to Covid-19. 


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