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#AddGoodness campaign feeds the vulnerable in South Africa

CAPE TOWN – Denny, a proudly South African mushroom brand, launched a campaign, #AddGoodness, to help feed the vulnerable throughout the Covid-19 pandemic especially through the cold winter months.

Denny had supported and taken upon many initiatives to support the vulnerable throughout South Africa during these trying times with donations of mushrooms to soup kitchens, staff members knitting blankets for shelters and also joining forces with Ladles of Love to provide mushroom soup to the less fortunate.

Denny’s #AddGoodness campaign aimed to raise additional funds with a donation drive and all proceeds going to Food Forward SA, who supports over 1000 beneficiary organisations that aids nearly 500 000 vulnerable people directly and an estimated 1,5 million people indirectly with food parcels to vulnerable households.

Credit: Denny

Brand Manager of Denny Mushrooms, Samantha McChesney said, “Add goodness to every meal is Denny’s brand purpose. It speaks directly to how we bring goodness to everything we do as a company. It’s about the nutritional value of the products, the love and care that is put into each meal that the consumer prepares and our responsibility to community and planet.”

Food Forward SA has rapidly increased its beneficiary network by 66 percent since the beginning of national lockdown in March with the expansion reaching around 412,000 people daily. The organisation continues to develop and expand in efforts to reach even more vulnerable South Africans with the charity planning to add Limpopo to the list of many service areas with a 14-ton refrigerated truck set to arrive soon helping the charity support around 28,000 farmers and more than 1,000 farmer associations to access additional fresh produce.

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