DO MORE FOUNDATION & Kingsley Holgate feed vulnerable children

CAPE TOWN – The DO MORE FOUNDATION and Kingsley Holgate Foundation join forces to feed vulnerable children across South Africa with the focus on early childhood development.

Late September, a renowned adventurer and humanitarian, Kingsley Holgate and son Ross, set out 70-day quest called ‘Mzansi Edge’ which covers around 10 000km tracking the geographical outline of South Africa, with the goal to deliver much-needed aid to vulnerable children in remote areas close to wildlife areas struggling due to the lack of tourism income brought upon the industry by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In efforts to alleviate hunger and raise awareness for how vital early childhood development (ECD) plays in the role of social investment, the DO MORE FOUNDATION had partnered with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation to provide a total of 250 000 packs of instant sorghum porridge to various poverty struck communities across 8 provinces in South Africa.

The packs of porridge were produced at cost for donation purposes from RCL FOODS with its DO MORE FOUNDATION packaging in a distinctive blue colour with essential Covid-19 awareness messaging.


For the DO MORE FOUNDATION Executive and Trustee, Warren Farrer, it is significant that the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has chosen early childhood nutrition and the distribution of early learning materials as the humanitarian focus of its latest expedition. “It is a reflection of the dire need that exists nationally – both in and out of COVID-19 – to create better tomorrows for young children,” he says.


“With 2.5 million children already living below the food poverty line before the COVID-19 pandemic, one can only imagine how stunting among young children will increase going forward – and with it a host of long-term negative health and social consequences. There’s an urgent need for concerted action to address both the causes and effects of the problem, and this is where we, together with other civil society organisations and Government, are working to make a difference. The message is simple: the more we do together and in the right places, the more effective we will be”, says Farrer.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION continues to expand their reach aiming to feed more vulnerable children throughout the country. If you would like to join the cause, the organisation asks for you to join the #2020 Challenge with just a donation of R20 a month as the foundation looks to secure nutritional meals for 20,000 vulnerable young children every school day for the next 20 months by World Food Day 2020 (16 October). To donate, click here.

If you would like to follow the Mzansi Edge expedition, click here

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