Facebook: Khuthaza Foundation

Khuthaza Foundation needs donations for EcoBricks

CAPE TOWN – The Khuthaza Foundation has run out of EcoBricks stopping the organisation from completing their September projects and calls on the assistance of the public.

The Khuthaza Foundation is an organisation that aims to provide sustainable solutions in hopes to reduce future economic, environmental and social costs and in-effect strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty.

During the pandemic, the foundation has hosted multiple initiatives to help those in need with urban food gardens, food drives and many other projects and unfortunately, Khuthaza Foundation is reaching out for further assistance from the public as they have run out of EcoBricks and won’t be able to complete their September projects.

“We have officially ran out of ecobricks. Currently Khuthaza requires more than 2000 ecobricks to continue with our projects in September but we have hit an ecobrick drought,” the foundation said on Facebook.

The foundations ask for donations of any eco-bricks to help complete their project but making them at home is extremely easy with many tutorials found on YouTube a fun way to reuse most of your plastic waste that goes to a good cause.

For further information on donations, drop-off points and the Khuthaza Foundation, visit their website on: https://khuthazafoundation.co.za/

Facebook: Khuthaza Foundation

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