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NOAH Community Action Network looks to #BuildBackBetter

CAPE TOWN – The NOAH (Norwood, Orange Grove And Houghton) CAN (Community Action Network) in Johannesburg is assisting those unable to receive funding and food parcels which were made available by the government throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues throughout South Africa’s national lockdown there has been an increase in those left without basic and essential needs such as food and funding.

The NOAH CAN group formed in Johannesburg in efforts to fight the growing hunger so many South Africans faced on a daily basis throughout lockdown and have identified how so many are still left unable to receive food parcels or funding provided by the government to aid the struggling citizens during the trying times.

“We came together as many did when the hard lockdown started, to help those less fortunate than ourselves in our community who needed emergency food relief. We are feeding up to 2000 families at any given time and have helped avert a medical crisis brought on by starvation, which coupled with Covid-19 would have been catastrophic. We fall under the Gauteng Together movement.

“The need was far greater than we imagined, and we needed to quickly find more volunteers, fundraise for food, arrange a method of distributing the food hampers and track all donations. It was a vast undertaking, but we did it! We promise all our efforts with the ethos of Solidarity Not Charity,” the NOAH CAN group said in a statement on their Facebook page.

Through all the initiatives the organisation has held during the national lockdown, the NOAH CAN group looks to continue their essential services by further developing support initiatives through their #BuildBackBetter campaign.

“We are actively looking into how we can offer a ‘hand-up’, not just a ‘hand-out’ to our recipients. This is essential if we are going to build a sustainable solution to the economic havoc the extended lockdown has had in our communities. These plans include a sewing hub making things like reusable sanitary pads, support for micro traders in the area, creating a circular economy, business plan assistance and community vegetable gardens to mention a few,” the statement continued.
If you would like to support the cause, all donations are welcomed. For more information visit NOAH CAN Facebook page.

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