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SA man creates world’s first Covid-19 protective shirt

CAPE TOWN – A South African entrepreneur and tattoo parlour owner has designed the world’s first Covid-19 protective shirt.

South African entrepreneur and owner of Johannesburg based – M&K Before Ink  Andrew King, realised the long-term effect the pandemic may have on his business and sought to find a solution to what may be a problem affecting, not only himself and his business, but his employees too.

His Pure Air brand was born with the concept of the first-ever Covid-19 protective shirt making convenient forms of protection against the virus with King acknowledging the regular mask-culture born in the midst of the pandemic.

King saw an opportunity to create an innovative product with creative spark rising from the youngsters in his family who found masks to be uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient.

The new Pure Air product meets all essential standards with the shirt containing an ISO14664 certified filter which is inserted into the neck made out of cotton, of high quality and medium weight.

The design of the shirt allows the neck of the garment to be pulled up over the mouth and face providing essential protection against coronavirus filtering out transmitted airborne particles. When protection is no longer needed, the neckpiece can be easily dropped back down without becoming a hindrance.


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