Youtube - A wild life.

Two guys living in the wilderness in efforts to raise funds

CAPE TOWN – Two guys, Josh Beaton and Dane Kincaid-Smith, took off into the wilderness to live amongst in efforts to raise awareness for the struggling tourism industry and aiming to raise funds to support safaris and wildlife tour guides.

The tourism industry is one of South Africa’s hardest-hit sectors due to the sudden pandemic leaving many companies within the industry seeking relief through fundraising initiatives.

Josh and Dane had found a new way to raise awareness and funds in order to alleviate the pressure put on wildlife parks, safaris and tour guides by creating their very own challenge called ‘The African Big 5 Survival Challenge’.

In this challenge, the duo heads into the African bush aiming to survive for as long as possible and face all survival scenarios the wild may throw at them, all while completely unarmed with their entire experience documented and shared on their Youtube channel – A wild life.

The pair had been dropped off in the middle of the African bush on August 10, surrounded by the Big 5, various other dangerous wild animals and challenging elements while they seek food, water and shelter in hopes to survive with their most recent episode showing their close encounters to a herd of elephants.

They aim to stay in the wild until they raise enough to meet their goal of R1.7 million which will support the struggling industry as well as provide financial relief to 100 safari guides during these trying times.

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