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Ubuntu Army launches 22 urban farming project

CAPE TOWN – Ubuntu Army organisation has recently completed and launched the farming project in Bhambayi informal settlement in Durban.

The Ubuntu Army was started by Durban’s Clint McLean shortly after South Africa went into national lockdown level 5 after he had realised how the pandemic has affected so many vulnerable to hunger and starvation reaching out to many suburbs across KwaZulu- Natal.

The mission of Ubuntu Army is now a collective of many ordinary citizens offering a wide range of unique skills that uses their abilities to relieve hunger in those that are struggling in these trying times with varying solutions such as food drives and urban gardens working closely with poverty struck communities.

Clint McLean recently took to Facebook to announce the completion of a major project with the Ubuntu Army creating 22 urban farms in the Bhambayi informal settlement with the project as whole providing workshops to teach the community farming skills such as how to plant and upholding the recently installed urban farms.

Facebook: Ubuntu Army

“It felt incredible, for both Ubuntu Army and the community members who became farmers today, to transition from giving and receiving, to growing. For the first time in six months, we created a system, designed to create food security, that is completely sustainable,” said Clint McLean.

Mclean shared his experience working on the project with the completion bringing much joy to the community with the new farmers dancing and clapping, saying, “It was truly beautiful. There is such a thirst for knowledge in the impoverished communities, and by reaching out, across the politics and the social obstacles, into these vulnerable communities, and meeting the people themselves, we can work, from the ground up, to create a new country that we’re all proud of.”

Facebook: Ubuntu Army

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