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Ubuntu Beds provides additional 3 000 safe accommodations to frontline healthcare workers

CAPE TOWN – Ubuntu Beds sponsors over 3000 nights of safe accommodation for medical heroes fighting Covid-19.

Ubuntu Beds, an NGO that aims to provide safe accommodation to healthcare workers during the pandemic partnered with Booking.com, a travel and accommodation website, to arrange an additional 3000+ nights of safe accommodation for medical frontline workers helping us fight Covid-19.

Ubuntu Beds continues its support of nurses, doctors and all medical staff, with the NGO not only providing safe and clean accommodation but surprising hospital workers to a display of flowers outside Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital in Parktown in July.

It is reported that healthcare workers in South Africa make up more than two percent of infected cases in the country and with the pandemic looking to extend beyond Septemeber, the initiative to provide additional accommodation to our vital medical workers proves crucial at this time with hopes of the NGO pushing to provide accommodation until November.

Hotel Owner, Kim Whitaker, started Ubuntu Beds after contracting Covid-19 herself in March and saw an opportunity to create a platform to link the struggling and empty hospitality industry with vulnerable healthcare workers to provide safe accommodation for nurses and doctors to rest during long shifts with a positive piece of mind by avoiding the exposure of their families or travelling long stances to and from hospitals.

Whitaker said, “Accommodating healthcare workers for free is not possible without the generous support provided by individuals and businesses across South Africa and the globe. We are grateful to Booking.com for their ongoing support and mentorship. This not only helps to keep healthcare workers safe but also helps to keep local tourism businesses in operation. Thank you from all of us at Ubuntu Beds.”

Up until now, 12 828 one-night stays have been booked, 1288 healthcare workers signed up 758 doctors and nurses have been placed and 1169 establishments with approximately 17 197 plus rooms situated across the country, close to hospitals and clinics, have signed up to the platform. The average stay is between 7 and 14 days and is open to both the private and public healthcare sector. Healthcare workers have access to self-catering facilities and in some instances Wi-Fi, TV, and laundry services.

If you would like to support the NGO and their vital cause, please visit: https://www.ubuntubeds.org/

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