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WATCH: Heroes on Bikes gets boost from Tour de France United

CAPE TOWN – Qhubeka is a South African NPO that, with the support of Tour de France United, will be donating 1000 bicycles to those who are in need during the pandemic.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to apply pressure to an already struggling economy in South Africa, a wide range of initiatives aiming to assist those left vulnerable.

Qhubeka, which is a Nguni word that meaning “to progress” or “to move forward”, is a charity aiming to provide less-fortunate people throughout Africa with a bicycle as part of the World Bicycle Relief’s charity programme in hope to assist with transportation providing access to schools, clinics and jobs aiming to provide assistance in sustainability and income generation in poverty struck communities.

With the help from Tour de France United, who yearly donates 176 bicycles, key bicycle-related Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in South Africa, the Western Cape Government Department of Transport and Public Works and donors from all over the world Qhubeka has recently launched their unique campaign called ‘Heroes on Bikes’ aimed at providing bicycles as necessary transport to essential workers during this trying times.

The key goal of the campaign is to allow and enable these local heroes working within their communities with a safe, reliable and a convenient mode of transport allowing them to reach their locations in which they do their essential work.

With 1,000 bicycles already donated to the cause, Qhubeka plans to expand their reach asking for assistance from the public with all and any donations welcome.


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