The Hospital of Hope at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. FILE PHOTO Photographer Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

Bonteheuwel community in need of Covid-19 care centre

CAPE TOWN –Bonteheuwel residents are pleading for community care centres to help Covid-19 infected people in the area who are unable to self-isolate at home.

The Western Cape has over 66 195 positive cases with the Klipfontein sub-district has reported over 6 386 cases, making them the third-highest infected district in the province.

The Community Action Network (CAN) has come on board and identified the Bonteheuwel Multi-Purpose Centre as a venue in the area to be used, however, the building is in a bad state due to vandalism during lockdown.

Project Coordinator Nadia Mayman said most people do not need ICU level care, but due to their socio-economic circumstances, they’re unable to safely isolate themselves.

“Most people live with others in small houses or informal dwellings and share bedrooms and bathrooms,” said Mayman.

“The community care centre will be a home away from home for people to safely self-isolate in their own neighbourhoods.

“For many, the experience of being moved out of their communities, coupled with being diagnosed with Covid-19, increases levels of fear and anxiety.

“In addition, there is an increasing amount of stigma associated with Covid-19, and removal of infected people from their neighbourhoods exacerbates fear and stigma,” she said.

While the provincial health department has been set up, Mayman said they are too far and an alternative neighbourhood model needs to be looked into.


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