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Heineken assists WaterAid to fight Covid-19

CAPE TOWN – The Heineken Africa Foundation and international charity WaterAid aim to combat the spread of Covid-19 vulnerable African communities.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the world with a growing number of infections, South Africa remains with the most Covid-19 infections in the whole of Africa with initiatives coming together to assist vulnerable communities.

The Heineken Africa Foundation has donated over €200 000 (R4-million) to support the work of WaterAid who aims to provide the essentials to fighting off the spread of diseases and viruses by providing densely populated informal settlements and rural areas in South Africa and throughout Africa with access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

The project aims to last six months but there are plans for further development and to continue providing essential WASH facilities that not only assist with hygiene and in-turn helps fight off disease and viruses but benefits the communities that rely on water sources for sustainable agriculture.

“The partnership with WaterAid and World Vision is the first phase in the Heineken Africa Foundation’s commitment to support the fight against Covid-19, with a focus on WASH activities. As the pandemic develops, the foundation will review where additional support is needed most for the first half of 2021,” said Suzanne Giele, the Heineken Africa Foundation’s general manager.

Other than handwashing facilities, the initiative will also provide hygienic items such as sanitary pads, sanitizers and soap while working closely with government departments and United Nations in order to meet the needs of the disadvantaged communities providing access to clean water to around 28 000 people.

“Millions more have nowhere to wash their hands with soap and water, making it easier for diseases to spread. The support of the Heineken Africa Foundation will provide vital assistance to our response work. The need for clean water and good hygiene has never been more pressing as we all battle to curb the spread of the virus,” said Elijah Adera, WaterAid’s Southern Africa regional programme manager.

Millicent Maroga, corporate affairs director at Heineken South Africa, said, “Heineken South Africa has already donated over a million Rands’ worth of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers in designated COVID-19 hospitals across Gauteng. Today, we are proud to partner with WaterAid South Africa through the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation to help vulnerable communities in South Africa better combat the pandemic, which is something we have always been dedicated to.”


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