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Podcast platform to share positive Covid-19 stories

CAPE TOWN – aha Africa is a non-profit initiative providing a podcast platform to share positive stories about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vivienne Cannan started aha Africa a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic where she realised a need for uplifting stories directly from the frontline during these trying times.

“The idea to create this platform arose during the initial weeks of lockdown when I began seeing stories, random acts of kindness and donation appeals being shared across various social media platforms.  I recognised quickly the need to create a platform to help raise further awareness for those serving on the frontline of the pandemic – to share their stories and to tell us what is needed most on the frontline at this time”, said Cannan.

aha Africa provides listeners with an opportunity to hear the stories of those with direct Covid-19 experiences ranging from frontline healthcare workers to those running soup kitchen and fundraising initiatives even touching on how this has affected their daily lives.

Photography: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels

The platform helps create awareness and informs listeners on how they too can contribute towards the fight against Covid-19.

“Creating aha Africa has been scary, daunting and massively challenging to say the least, but the need to help raise awareness far outweighs any of my own personal doubts and insecurities,” Said Canna, “I have been truly humbled by those risking their own personal health every day to be of service to our Nation’s most vulnerable (people and animals) as well as those using their own business skills and expertise to give back to our communities, not only during this pandemic but for some even beyond.”

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