What’s the risk of catching Covid-19 in a hotel room

CAPE TOWN –The latest lockdown rule changes allowed for the reopening of leisure travel – but what are the risks of catching Covid-19 in a hotel room?

Viral particles have shown to survive on elevator buttons, cloth fabric and steel doors for a certain amount of time, and public areas have been proven to be risky.

However, chemical and biomedical engineer Caitlin Howell from the University of Maine says that the spread of Covid-19 in hotel rooms is low.

“Anything that we do that exposes us to other people is potentially risky, hotel stays included,” said Howell.

“But if proper precautions are taken, then it’s unlikely that they’re among the riskiest things people could be doing.

“Aspects of hotel stays that put people close together, such as talking with other patrons or exercising in a small space with others, are more likely to be risky than sleeping in a room,” she said.

Howell added that people need to be cautious in hotel public spaces like the restaurants as the virus could spread through airborne droplets.


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