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Foundation aims to feed 20,000 children this World Food Day

CAPE TOWN – The Do More Foundation is aiming to feed 20,000 hungry children in 20 months for this year’s World Food Day.

World Food Day falls on the 16 October, a day that raises awareness for those suffering from hunger and is a widely celebrated day throughout the world with events and outreaches across 150 countries bringing various initiatives, NGO’s, businesses, governments, media and the public to come together to help fight hunger.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added immense pressure on the South African economy affecting many lower-income homes and families making it even harder for many to put food on the table. The rising unemployment rate also means a growing risk of children left hungry or lacking essential nutrients.

In 2019, The Do More Foundation aimed to make 100 000 sandwiches with 2020 World Food Day approaching, the organisation set a larger goal, saying, “We are challenging South Africans (and internationals) to change the narrative of 2020 to one of hope and #DoingMore. By the 16th of October (World Food Day) we want to secure daily meals for 20,000 vulnerable young children in South Africa every school day for the next 20 months.”

“All you need to do is sponsor one of these children for R20 a month or R400 once-off. We are able to provide a young child a meal every school day for an entire month @ R20 through our DoMore porridge secured at cost.”

According to the Do More Foundation, 2.5 million young children in South Africa live below the food poverty line meaning there is not enough money within their household to meet their basic nutritional needs. As early childhood is the most vital phase of human development, with 90 percent of brain growth taking place before the age of five the Do More Foundation said.

“Without adequate nutrition and early stimulation during these fundamental years, children are unable to develop as they should, which can have a serious impact on their future health and economic prospects. Unfortunately, this is already the case for 27 percent of young children in SA who are stunted which means we are writing off a third of our child population before the age of 5,” the organisation says on their website.

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