Innovative ideas other countries are introducing to ease lockdown effects

CAPE TOWN – South Africa has adopted a level 4 risk-adjusted lockdown since May 1 which opened up the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors, takeaways for delivery and the possible reopening of schools.

While many South Africans have shared their concerns about the risk that level 4 will bring, others are looking for a bit more freedom and something to do safely outside of the house.

Here are some creative ways other countries have gotten during their lockdown, but will this work in South Africa?


Dinner inside an individual greenhouse – A restaurant in Amsterdam came up with an innovative way to adapt to the physical distancing precautions by offering dinner inside an individual greenhouse.

Mediamatic ETEN is a restaurant focuses on the arts and entrepreneurship with emphasis on environmental connection.


Credit: Anne Lakeman for Mediamatic Amsterdam


Drive-in concerts – Lithuania started offering people a unique experience to listen to live music outdoors with drive-in concerts.


Credit: Drive In Live / E. Blaževič/LRT

Back to school – Chinese children in Wuhan went back to school cautiously wearing masks and walking in single file past thermal scanners. 

The young kids got creative in ensuring their physical distancing space while the older ones sat in their desks safely spread apart.




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