Image: Electric Life Rides Facebook

SA Tech company launch electric scooter service

CAPE TOWN – A South African Tech company Electric Life Rides that specialises in micro-mobility vehicles is launching an electric scooter service in Cape Town.

Electric Life Rides will operate similarly to Uber where users can scan a barcode on the scooter to download the app and activate it.

The dock-free electric kick scooter rental will allow for on-demand options with the ability to ride per minute, hour or day. 


“The initial fleet of kick scooters will be available at our new mobility hub and partner The President Hotel in Bantry Bay as well as strategic locations throughout the city and country,” read a statement on their website.

“Electric life Rides will be offering a subscription-based model to the South African market for the first 60 days. 

“R1980.00 per month will get you an all-inclusive subscription package which includes the commercial smart electric kick scooter & charger, unlimited mileage and credits for the month, built-in tracking for safety and the ability to move freely through traffic congestion.”

The kick scooter is controlled through the app to lock and unlock the scooter with the subscription package intended to assist the public to commute and move around the cities cost-effectively.


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