Old age home flower bombed

A team of Florists and Designers teamed up to lift spirits of residents in an old age home in Paarl just before official lockdown of South Africa.

Source: Facebook – Paarl Post

Huis Vergenoegd – an old age home in Paarl – had locked down prior to March 27 as a precautionary step put in place to protect their elderly residents.

As Cape Town hit wedding season, due to the pandemic, many weddings and events had been canceled and postponed leaving many flowers with no purpose.

Anli Wahl Floral Design, Design by Marcel, FloralAffairs, KADOU and NConcept Design Studio all formed a part of the team with Adene’s Farm Flowers donating 600 bunches of flowers.

The residents of Huis Vergenoegd were allowed to come and view the work of art, creating a beautiful yet emotional moment.

Source: Facebook – Adene’s Farm Flowers

“We had so many tannies and ooms crying because it was so beautiful. We had cars hooting, many to all necks turning, pedestrians & passersby stopping – these flowers brought so much joy!”

Source: Facebook – Adene’s Farm Flowers

NConcept Design Studio even encouraged the residents of Paarl to come view and take any leftover flowers to brighten up their homes.

The Flower bomb idea definitely served its purpose, not just to the residents, but to the whole of  South Africa.




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