SA businesses can reboot with inclusive practices

CAPE TOWN- Lockdown level 4 has enabled some sectors and businesses to go back to work, however, many experts say that businesses shouldn’t go back to what they knew as ‘normal’.

While some businesses play catch-up on lost income they also have the opportunity to reboot, and implement sustainable social, economic and environmental practices.  

Founder of a specialist impact advisory company Animarem, Tom Fels says there has been a great shift in social consciousness that cannot be overlooked. 

“Quite simply, we need an economic system that better serves humanity, both now and beyond this challenging time,” he says.

Many business leaders are looking at how to bounce back after lockdown, however Fels says that this is an opportunity for them to go back to their first principles, figure out their purpose again and integrate social consciousness. 

“Inclusivity, compassion and conscious capitalism are the right pillars with which to build a corporate culture and future. What leaders need are the insights and tools to create a commercial orientation that delivers purpose-driven growth from start to finish,” he said.

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